Landscape Construction

SGK Landscapes has provided landscape construction services to the Golden Triangle and surrounding areas since 2002. We pride ourselves in the quality of the following services:

Outdoor Kitchens

Water Features


Wooden Fences, Decks, Arbors

Outdoor Fireplaces & Entertainment Areas

Stone Patios & Walks

Additional Services

Professional Design Consultation
Project Management
Plant Installation

We Provide

Seeding & Sod Installations

The bare ground is prepared using conventional grading practices for installation of specified seed or sod. The seed requires disturbance of the existing soil, broadcast of the desired seed and top dressing of hay material for protection and water retention.

Full Drainage Solutions

Installation of best practices from simply grading of the existing surface to allow positive drainage. Sometimes these applications require surface collection using catch basins or underground applications using either an open/closed French drain.

Lawns & Landscapes

This includes installation of traditional landscape beds and plant material to enhance existing site features and bring a naturalistic feel including gardens and cut flower beds.

Irrigation Installation

Installation of a new irrigation system or retrofit of additional zones in an old system. Installation of drip irrigation systems for maximum water efficiency

Site Demolition & Grading

Removal of desired site elements is conducted to allow for new construction or to clean up the site for improvements. Engineering techniques, vegetative practices or a combination of both are used to provide positive surface drainage.

Low Voltage Lighting

Installation of low voltage lighting systems using the industries newest products and environmentally friendly led bulbs to enhance walkways and site features.