Attention to Detail

We're committed to managing, leading, and controlling all the resources needed to achieve the outdoor space you are looking for. We are dedicated to taking your project from start to finish seamlessly. SGK will take care of every aspect in the development, execution, monitoring, and closing of your project. We will achieve all project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints of scope, time, quality, and budget.

Services Provided

Detailed Project Outline
Management of all Trades
Dedicated Project Manager
Material Handling & Storage

Additional Services

Scheduled Deliverables
Bid Administration & Solicitation
Avoidance of Project Oversight & Minimal Contingency Consumption
Detailed Shop Drawings upon Project Completion and Turn Key

We Provide

  • Dedicated project manager for your specific project and account
  • Detailed outline for project maturity and completion within budget
  • Scheduled deliverables, material handling and storage
  • Management of all trades associated with the project scope of work
  • Bid administration and solicitation
  • Avoidance of project oversite and minimal contingency consumption
  • Detailed shop drawings upon project completion and turn key